2D CNC Milling: Engraved Brass Tickets
3 tickets were engraved on one peice of brass stock.
Patina was used to darken the engraved lines. I also experimented with the solder to turn one ticket into a keychain.
2.5D CNC Milling: Maze Game

An acrylic lid was laser cut and attached to the aluminum base with drill and taps.

3D CNC Milling: Bundt Cake Mold
A 2"x2" positive form to be used for a mold
An adaptive cut and a radial cut was used to create the finish.
3D CNC Milling with Flip: Rocket and Clouds
Started from 2"x2"x6" aluminum stock
A parallel toolpath was used to create the final finish.
Stock had to be left in the middle in order to hold in vice.
Solidworks model of rocket & clouds.
3D CNC Milling with Multiple Flips: Candle Holder
2 adaptive and 4 parallel passes were used.
Finished on lathe by boring a 10° beveled hole, filing and parting.

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