Cantilever Stool
A cantilever stool inspired by 60s diner aesthetic. Inner rings add support, but also serve as foot rest. Frame is made from 3/8" cold rolled steel rod with a spray paint silver finish, and the faux leather cushion is flippable with a plywood surface underneath. 
Faux yellow leather upholstered seat cushion
Cushion can be flipped over for a side table surface
Puffy Bedside Cabinet
A vinyl bedside cabinet made from an IKEA knagglig pine crate, inspired by the rounded, puffy furniture in the children's animated show, Blue's Clues. 
Open cabinet door
Elastic bungee cord closure
Plywood interior
2x1 Gamer Chair
A rocking gamer chair made from only 2x1 pine boards complete with a custom made seat cushion.
Cushion attaches to seat with tie strips
Zipper sewing detail
Only 2x1 pine boards were used
Seat detail
Upcycled Photo Slide Light
A collapsible, hanging light fixture made from upcycled photo slides. 
Light shines through photo slides
Photo slides detail
Flattened state
Flat state close up
Upcycled Impression Chair
A chair that leaves a mark. Made from upcycled masonite drawing boards, foam and leather scraps.
Underneath pull out drawer
Seat close up
Upcycled Trash Light
A wall lighting fixture made from trash bags and popsicle sticks, inspired by geodesic domes. 
Form inspired by geodesic domes
Close up view
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