Hi, I'm Tommy!
Originally from Long Island, NY, I am a current senior at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI studying industrial design, with a concentration in computation, technology and culture
With a background in art, I have an appreciation for process and craft, but as I continue to practice design, my interests have expanded to furniture, production, and 3D experiential design. I am most interested in combining spatial experiences and novel interactions; creating rich, immersive experiences that transport people out of their everyday lives and cause them to engage with their surrounding objects and environments in unique and captivating ways. My end goal as a designer is to craft memorable experiences that cause feelings of awe, joy, and ease.
Previously I have worked for Pink Sparrow as an environmental designer, and with Brown Opera Productions as a production designer.
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Tommy O'Halleran
2 College Street Box #1305, Providence RI 02903
Resume Available Upon Request
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