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When I'm not working on CAD, you can find me thrifting, chasing sunsets, or curating the perfect playlist.

Originally from Long Island, NY, I recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI studying industrial design, with a concentration in computation, technology and culture
My past has shaped my work ethic, personality and passions. Growing up in the foster care experience and the uncertainty and instability that it brought, taught me to take control over my own narrative, and to work hard for a better future. I sought comfort in art, making, and world building. I've grown an appreciation for process and craft, but as I continue to practice design, my interests have expanded to furniture, production and experiential design. Now, I am most interested in combining spatial experiences and novel interactions to create rich, immersive experiences that transport people out of their everyday lives and cause them to engage with their surrounding objects and environments in unique and captivating ways. By using technology and empathy design research, my end goal as a designer is to craft memorable experiences that cause feelings of awe, joy, and ease. 
Currently I am working remotely with Deeplocal as a designer, and previously I have worked with Pink Sparrow as an environmental designer, and Brown Opera Productions as a production designer.
Thanks for checking out my work. Do you like what you see? Have an idea for an awesome project? Want to collaborate on a Spotify playlist? Let's work together! Fill out the form below to reach me!
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