Shelf is screwed onto bottom with tabs
3D printed connectors for backrest attachment
Pull string light can also rotate
Machined notch for lamp wire
Shelf below for books makes it the perfect reading chair
Light can rotate for greater accessibility
Instruction Manual
The lamppost chair can be taken apart and reassembled for flexible, easy transportation, and set up in small spaces. Parts come pre-made and only a screw driver is needed to for assembly. The user also has the option to assemble the chair with or without the lamppost. 
Target User & Setting
With space increasingly becoming a valuable commodity, I was interested in designing for small spaces. Tiny house and tiny living has also become trendy lately, with companies like Getaway renting out small one room cabins for young adventurers to retreat out in the middle of the wilderness. My target setting is a tiny cabin resort for active, outgoing and on-the-go millennials who want easy, modern, and functional furniture.
Form was inspired by other multi-functional furniture, modern industrial aesthetic, utilitarian function, and DIY design.  Materials and finishes stay true and raw, connections are exposed, construction is clear and honest, and nothing is hidden.
Concept Development - Sketching and Modeling
Brainstorming designs were done by hand with marker on paper. Through discussion and iteration designs were refined until a final design was chosen. The design was finalized and modeled in Rhinoceros3D. Dimensions were extracted and used for templates for fabrication.
Brainstorming sketches with multi-functionality as a theme
Refined concept sketches
Modeling in Rhino
Rhino pre-render
The final design makes use of vertical space. The frame is made from cold rolled steel tubing finished with black textured spray paint and the shelf, seat and back rest is made from plywood finished with poly-acrylic for durability. Natural woven fabric, dark finishes for fasteners and an Edison light bulb come together to complete the industrial/DIY aesthetic. 
Steel tubing was bent with tube roller
Welded with jigs in place
Steel frame ready to weld!
Backrest was vacuum formed with bending ply
Lamppost welded together from two parts
Tabs were welded on for shelf attachment
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